Jatomy Enterprises

Jatomy Enterprises Ltd was started in 1992. It consists of two deparments namely the wholesale department and the supermarket department. The wholesale department is based In Embu town while the supermarket department consists of the Embu supermarket branch and the Chuka supermarket branch.

Our Mission
To improve the welfare of the enterprise customers by offering products that guarantee them value and variety always as well as respect and high quality customer services while upholding the employee values of personal empowerment, fairness, respect for ideas and creativity, training and the corporate social responsibility of the communities we operate besides giving reasonable returns to its investors.

Our Vision
To become the premier retail, wholesale and distributorship solution provider in our chosen markets delivering high quality customer service, convenience, and fast service.

Jatomy Sacco


Jatomy Sacco ltd is a worker SACCO bonded under the employees of Jatomy Enterprises Ltd and Moston Masters Distributor. It was dully registered under the Co-operatives Societies Act.2011 Cap 490 Sec (3) on 10th November 2014.
It aims to meet the financial needs of the employees by the two entities as well as we the owners and employees of entities served by them. To date it has seen its membership grown from 14 to over 150.

In line with our mantra (slogan) “Save, be Safe and Safe others”, we intend to secure the lives of our employees from financial distress through this SACCO.